So you want to get away for a few hours or the day. Here are a few attractions around us that are great to visit.

Cumberland Gap Area, Middlesboro Area, Pine Mountain State Park

At light #10 in Lafollette, turn right. When Rt. 63 dead ends – turn left. This road will take you first to Cumberland Gap where you can hike, shop and get great views of several states. Continue on this road to go to Middlesboro and on to Pine Mountain State Park.

The Movies

2140 Jacksboro Pike LaFollette 562-0979

Cove Lake State Park

Caryville 566-9701

Norris Dam Area, Lake City

Appalachian Arts Craft Shop Hwy 61, I75 Exit 122

Lenoir Museum Hwy 441

Museum of Appalachia Hwy 61, I75 Exit 122

Norris Dam State Park

Oak Ridge

American Museum of Science and Energy 300 S. Tulane

West Town Mall

I 75 to Knoxville - Exit I 640 West (second exit in Knoxville) I 640 turns into I 40. Exit 380 takes you to Kingston Pike in front of the Mall. Kingston Pike is full of specialty shops, antique shops, strip malls and restaurants.

East Town Mall

Exit off I 75 which is I 640 East. Follow towards Asheville. There are signs for the East Town Mall. Take the Mall Road Exit. At the red light, go straight and keep to the left into the Mall.

Old City

This is a unique place for nightlife and to browse stores and coffee shops. This is at the downtown exit and is clearly marked on I 75. It is the original section of Knoxville and is very close to the Golden Globe where Knoxville hosted the World’s Fair.

Volunteer Landing

Located in downtown Knoxville on the Tennessee River. One mile river walk includes the Gateway Regional Visitor Center, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Star of Knoxville Riverboat, Volunteer Landing Marina, Three Rivers Rambler, Blount Mansion, James White’s Fort and fine restaurants.

Pigeon Forge Outlet Malls

Exit off I 75 at I 640 East. I 640 bypasses Knoxville and merges into 40 East. Travel approximately 30 minutes to Rt. 441. Follow signs to Pigeon Forge. You will go through Sevierville. There are numerous amusements, attractions, shopping outlets along the route. Continue on this road to get to Gatlinburg for more shopping and amusements. This road will also take you to North Carolina to the Cherokee Reservation where you can check out bingo, Harrah’s Casino and souvenir shops.